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The Journey Home

What do a bowling alley, a barn, a retirement center, and a school have in common? All these places have been a temporary stop along Springboro Community Theatre’s journey home to the Performing Arts Center in Springboro, Ohio.

The trip began in 1960, when Jocelyn Feeman founded the Kettering Community Theater.

Over the ensuing decades, the organization changed names several times, becoming the Kettering-Oakwood (or “K-O”) Theater in 1967, Playhouse South in 1987, and finally Springboro Community Theater in 2019.

Along the way, Kettering Theatre Under the Stars (founded in 1982 by Keith Prentice and Pat Carson) joined the family in 2006. Not only did the company set up shop in each of the places described above, it moved among the suburbs of Kettering, Centerville, and Miamisburg before finding a permanent home in Springboro.

With the dedicated support of Mayor John Agenbroad, the Springboro City Council and City Manager Chris Pozzuto, Springboro Community Theatre became the resident theater group for the Performing Arts Center.

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