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A Letter From the President of Springboro Community Theatre

The Journey

I believe that each of us is traveling a unique road called life. As we travel, we take comfort in finding those people who share our interests, our sense of humor, and our passions. Many times, those same people will travel a portion of the road with us, whether it is for a day, a year, or a lifetime.

My road has led me to love theater, and music, and performing. As an awkward teen in high school, I found my place on the stage, a place where it didn’t matter that I wasn’t the tallest, or the fastest, or the most athletic. On the stage, I was suddenly accepted, and praised, and even applauded. I had found my people, and I considered myself blessed by that discovery.

My greatest wish for my children is that they, too, find their people. Whether it is on the stage like I did, or on the field, or in the classroom, I hope they discover people who value them just as they are, and that they gain the self-confidence that acceptance can bring as they grow into young adults.

I’m fortunate that my children love theater, and that my wife supports our passion (and helps everywhere that isn’t in front of an audience), as it is a gift we can share as a family. But even if my family didn’t love theater, it would not change the goal of making Springboro Community Theatre a place where people of any age can find themselves, find acceptance, and yes, find their people.

The City of Springboro has such a vibrant, growing culture, and our organization is proud to be at the heart of it all, just as our building is at the crossroads of the region. The Mayor, City Council, and City Manager have embraced this group, and we have made the decision to travel this road together for as long as any of us can foresee. Thank you to everyone who made this dream a reality.

For those of you who are curious about Springboro Community Theatre, I encourage you to visit, get to know us, and consider joining us on this journey. Whether you shine under the lights, delight in supporting others, or prefer to take it all in from the comfort of the audience, I hope you’ll find that we are your people.

Welcome home, everyone. - Jim Brown

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