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Auditions - I Bet Your Life

Springboro Community Theatre is happy to announce auditions for "I Bet Your Life" by Fred Carmichael.


Directed by Carly Risenhoover-Peterson

Production Dates: April 12-14, 19-21, 2024

Auditions will be held February 26 and 27, with possible call-backs on February 28. Auditions will start at 7:00 pm, at Springboro Community Theatre. Auditions will consist of cold reads. Please bring a list of all possible conflicts March 1-April 21. A headshot and resume are appreciated but not required.

Hilarious situations, clever dialogue, intriguing romance and surprise twists make this breezy comedy a delight. Soap opera author Matthew Stoddard has written a screenplay about a terminally ill man who hires a hitman to kill him and then finds out he was misdiagnosed. Matt's agent and best friend, Greg, thinks the plot is not feasible so Matt contacts a gangster and arranges for an incognito hitman to join them at a dinner party in the country to prove his point. Circumstances place a real hitman among the guests and the action accelerates as they try to find out who it is before the deadline. Stacy, secretary and love interest to both men, does her best to help them solve the identity question as surprise after surprise thwarts them. Is the whole scheme really a con game? And who cons the con man? And who is conning them all?

Female, 20s-40s. Stacy is a confident and professional woman, with an air of competence and a sense of humor that can tend toward the wicked.
Greg: Male, 20s-40s. Greg is a businessman and a worrier. His tendency towards the cowardly can outstip is desire to compete with Matt in their rivalrous friendship.
Matt: Male, 20s-40s. Matt is a soap-opera writer with a flair for the dramatic that fits his career. He has an impish sense of humor.
Laura: Female, 20s+. Laura is a rural local whose folksy antics are at odds with the city-slick attitudes of Stacy, Greg, and Matt.
Gerta: Female, 20s+. Gerta is an intense poet.
Burton: Male, 20s+. A plumber.
Lila: Female, 20s+. A dramatic soap opera actress.
Henrietta - Female, 50s+. An ideal grandmother.
Ira: Male, 20s+. A businessman.

Note: The director has left some character descriptions intentionally vague. This script is full of wonderful characters that are open to interpretation, and the director welcomes all auditioners!

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