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Southwest Ohio Youth Jazz Orchestra

2019-20 Audition Requirements

Materials: available at (Jamey Aebersold website) 


  • All winds: A full range chromatic scale and the major scale of your choice

  • Rhythm section: Two chorus’ of a Blues in Bb or F demonstrating solid time and jazz style

  • Optional for all: 1-2 chorus of improvisation on the blues of your choice

  • Pick one tune from the list below or one that best represents your level of musicianship

  • Optional: 1-2 chorus of improvisation for solo chairs (recommended)

  • Saxes: Yardbird Suite or Confirmation by Charlie Parker (Vol. 6, “All Bird”)

  • Brass: Seven Steps to Heaven or Milestones (Vol. 50 “The Magic of Miles Davis”)

  • Rhythm Section: Four and Speak Low (“Four & More”, volume 65)

  • Vibes, Piano, Guitar: Prepare the melody/head, comp for one chorus

  • Optional: Improvise 1-2 for choruses. 

  • Bass: Prepare the melody/head Improvise a bass line for 1 chorus  Optional: Improvise for 1-2 chorus’                        

  • Drums: Demonstrate good time, set-ups, and appropriate fills. On a separate track, demonstrate proficiency in all comfortable styles (Bossa nova, bebop, Samba, Funk)


You may also record a secondary audition piece (not mandatory) to demonstrate your skills. Please record tracks individually


Students will be notified of placement by via email. Upon acceptance, students will be charged a $200 participation fee to cover music and expenses. Students in need of a scholarship should contact Mr. Burns prior to audition.


Please spread the word and share this letter with any jazz musicians you feel would be interested in this experience.  We look forward to seeing you at auditions!

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule 2019-2020


Location: The Springboro Performing Arts Center, 115 Wright Station Way, Springboro OH 45066

Open Auditions: Saturday, November 23, 2019, 12:00PM-4:00PM


Reading Session: Sunday, December 1, 2019, 6:00PM-8:00 PM


Concert 1 (Springboro Holiday Jubilee)

  • Rehearsals:

    • Saturday, December 7, 2019, 12:00PM-4:00PM

    • Saturday, December 14, 2019, 12:00PM-4:00PM

  • Dress Rehearsal:

    • Sunday, December 15, 2019, 2:00PM-4:30PM

  • Performances

    • Friday, December 20, 2019

    • Saturday, December 21, 2019

Concert 2 (Beavercreek Weekend of Jazz)

  • Rehearsals:

    • Saturday, January 11, 2020, 12:00PM-4:00PM

    • Saturday, January 18, 2020, 12:00PM-4:00PM

    • Saturday, January 25, 2020, 12:00PM-4:00PM

    • Saturday, February 1, 2020, 12:00PM-4:00PM

    • Saturday, February 8, 2020, 12:00PM-4:00PM

    • Saturday, February 22, 2020, 12:00PM-4:00PM

  • Performance:

    • Saturday, February 29, 2020

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