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Auditions - Stage Kiss

Springboro Community Theatre is thrilled to hold auditions for Stage Kiss, written by Sarah Ruhl and directed by Aaron Joseph Brewer.

AUDITION DATES/TIMES: July 29-30 at 7PM, with potential callbacks on July 31

AUDITION LOCATION: Springboro Performing Arts Center, 115 Wright Station Way, Springboro, OH 45066

NOTE: Actors auditioning need only attend one day of auditions, not both.


PERFORMANCE DATES: September 13-15 & 20-22, 2024


AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. 

Also, please bring a resume and headshot (if available), and come prepared to list all conflicts from August 5 through September 7. No conflicts will be accepted for the duration of tech week and performances (September 8-22).


NOTE: Please be advised that Stage Kiss features staged intimacy, so all actors auditioning should be comfortable with this, though it will not be required at the time of auditions. An intimacy coordinator is planned for the rehearsal process.

Art imitates Life. Life imitates Art. When two actors with a history - SHE and HE - are thrown together as romantic leads in a forgotten 1930s melodrama about a dying socialite who recalls her former lover to her side, they quickly lose touch with reality as the feelings that the characters and the actors once had for each other reignite in a burst of passion. In real life, SHE is married to a banker, Harrison, and has a teenage daughter, Angela, while HE has a girlfriend, Laurie. As the farcical, romantic nature of their relationship plays out onstage and off, they are forced to confront the realities of their affair. Stage Kiss captures Sarah Ruhl’s singular voice; it is a charming tale about what happens when lovers share a stage kiss—or when actors share a real one.

SHE – A woman in her late-thirties to mid-forties. A married woman with a teenage daughter who previously dated He. A capable professional actor. Plays the role of Ada Wilcox in the play within the play.
HE – A man in his late-thirties to mid-forties. His current relationship is much less serious than She’s. Plays the role of Johnny Lowell in the play within the play.
ADRIAN SCHWALBACH – A director. Neurotic. Good enough at his job, but convinced he’s great at it.
KEVIN – The reader. Young and eager to impress. Also plays the understudy, as well as the doctor and the butler in the play within the play.
THE HUSBAND / HARRISON - In Act 1, an actor in his forties or early fifties, who plays The Husband in the play within the play; In Act 2, Harrison, a levelheaded banker who’s accustomed to and annoyed by his wife, SHE’s indiscretions. Always the voice of reason.
MILLIE / THE MAID / ANGELA – In Act 1, an actress in her early twenties who plays Millie and The Maid in the play within the play; In Act 2, Angela, She’s straight-talking daughter who’s as annoyed with her mother’s affairs as her father. Thinks everything sucks.
MILLICENT / LAURIE - In Act 1, an actress in her late twenties or early thirties who plays Millicent in the play within the play; In Act 2, Laurie, He's girlfriend, A caring teacher who is hurt by He’s affair. The “mom friend” who needs to take care of everyone.

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